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Frank Rosolino Quartet - Live TV 1962

Submitted by pbone3b on Wed, 01/09/2013 - 16:29

Created by television pioneer and life-long jazz devotee Steve Allen, Jazz Scene USA was a nationally syndicated television program in the beginning of the 60s; an attempt to intelligently feature jazz on television, it only lasted a year as one would expect. All appearances are featured in a relaxed, casual atmosphere created by hipster host, singer Oscar Brown Jr. Uncompromising in its use of imaginative camera angles, the visual style is on a par with the music. A time capsule to cherish from America's golden days of televised jazz. This episode features trombone god Frank Rosolino who puts the studio on fire with his jaw-dropping technique and unparalleled showmanship.

Frank Rosolino tb, Mike Melvoin p, Bob Bertaux b, Nick Martinis d

1.Please Don't Bug Be
2.Lover Man

Video post by H.T.S. Music & Video Productions